Symbiotic Devices adopted the Bluetooth Smart (or Bluetooth Low Energy) radio protocol for all devices. Bluetooth Smart uses Spread Spectrum Adaptive Frequency Hopping to insure all sensor and actuator messages reach the room controller and vice-a-versa. Bluetooth Smart is especially advantageous in the presence of strong WiFi networks that cause significant transmission errors on ZigBee devices – but have no effect on Bluetooth Smart. Bluetooth Smart is optimized for long battery life which is measured in multiple years even when running with coin cell batteries. Symbiot offers sensors powered by AAA batteries for extreme battery life – which means less

Maximum Energy Efficiency. Maximum Return on Your Investment.


Combination Sensors

The Symbiot Combo Sensor integrates five sensors that are required for controlling the environment of a room into a single compact device. This easy-to-install sensor can be mounted on a wall, ceiling, or over a door. This sophisticated symbiotic device is capable of sensing temperature, relative humidity, luminosity, motion, and door state of a room. It communicates the conditions of a room to the Guest Control Panel than controls the HVAC controller. This sensor utilizes the energy-efficient Bluetooth 4.0 standard for communications with the Guest Control Panel. The Symbiotic Combo Sensor works together with the Guest Control Panel and HVAC controller to ensure that rooms have the desired environment and minimum energy is wasted.

Individual Sensors

When only a particular individual sensor is required to meet your needs, we offer individual sensors for doors / windows positions that can be used to monitor entry, interior and outside balcony doors and windows. A luminosity detector can be used to monitor light levels indoors or outdoors to determine when lights are on or if occupants have vacated the room. Even a remote motion sensor is available when other prime motions sensors lack visisibility

Seven Types of Individual Sensors:

  • Door / Window position sensor
  • Motion Sensor
  • Temperature
  • Tilt / motion / orientation
  • Electric current consumption
  • Water leak
  • Air velocity
  • Air pressure