HVAC Controller

The Symbiotic Devices system provides a wide range of devices to act on the sensor inputs and room parameter decisions including many third party actuators such as intelligent light bulbs and electrical circuit controls.

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Symbiotic Devices
HVAC Controller

TThe HVAC controller is an essential part of the Symbiot building automation system that enhances energy efficiency. It uses signals from the Symbiotic sensors to control a broad array of HVAC systems. The Symbiot HVAC controller uses Bluetooth 4.0 (Bluetooth Low Energy) wireless communication standard to communicate with the Guest Control Panel.


This controller runs the Symbiotic software, and it supports a variety of analog and digital inputs and outputs. It supports voltage, pulse, resistance, digital, and wireless inputs. In addition, this controller provides a variety of control outputs, and it can interface with a broad range of systems including fans, valves, electric heaters, forced air systems, VAV systems, and packaged terminal air conditioners.


The Symbiot HVAC controller is optimized to accommodate a variety of systems, ranging from simple appliances such as fans and heat pumps to complex multi-stage systems. Once the parameters are set, it autonomously runs sophisticated logic to ensure that a room has the environmental parameters desired by the occupant.


Using signals from Symbiot sensors, this device controls different HVAC systems to ensure that a room has the desired comfort parameters. The Symbiotic system uses occupancy-based control to ensure maximum energy savings.