The Only Intelligent Automation

System with Advanced Bluetooth® Low Energy Technology

The first to utilize newer encrypted Bluetooth® Low Energy technology enabled sensors and communications to actively monitor & manage HVAC systems in real-time for Occupancy, Temperature, Humidity with setbacks during unoccupied times, the Symbiot Building Automation System provides greater scalability, reliability and flexibility to manage, modify or add in-room controls easily and inexpensively unlike older Zigbee and 900 megahertz traditional energy management systems.


“Bringing the Internet of Things into high end industrial building automation for small businesses and residential users"

Sensors & Actuator

Symbiot Windows & Doors Sensors and Symbiot Temperature & Humidity Sensors accurately sense & report in real time, room temperature and humidity for maximum energy efficiency.

Powerful Room Control

Through the easy to use Symbiot Guest Room Panel app, each room’s sensors and actuators are configured to securely operate comfort settings with or without requiring any connection to the outside world.

Cloud Admin & Reporting

The Symbiot Building Automation System is a cloud-based management and reporting system for Symbiot Sensors, Actuators and Guest In-Room Panels gathering real-time telemetry from all devices providing live state of all rooms at all times anywhere.

Smart. Secure. Symbiotic Solution

All Symbiotic Devices utilize the highly optimized for energy efficienency & secure Bluetooth Smart (or Bluetooth Low Energy) radio protocol to ensure that all sensors and actuators interact natively and that messages securely & reliably reach their controller destination unlike error prone ZigBee devices found commonly in other automation systems.

Maximum Energy Efficiency. Maximum Return on Your Investment